Monday, July 03, 2006

7/3/06 7 mile loop

time 6am
temp 70, humid, slightly overcast, trail soggy
route- 7 mile loop
group: Farm team - Jorge, Patrick, Scott, Ivie, Jeffery, David V, Duane

Rolled out of Bed at 5:49, at Runtex Riverside at 5:57, helped a few new gazelles get started by 6:03, met Jeffery and invited him along at 6:04 and met the group about 800meters in.
First few miles we took easy, then picked up around the bridge over shoal creek on the north side. Effort for first 3 was easy, then for next 3 just below threshold (moderately hard) then last mile I pushed just a touch more and got into anaerobic zone, pace was hard. Luckily, Jeffery paced me so i was able to run at this pace for about a mile. Stopped at Mile 1 bridge and jogged over to B Springs- jumped in with the rest of the crew and then jogged the last mile back to the car. Legs are tired. I'm frustrated that i wasn't able to keep that pace up for longer (like back to riverside) but i have to remember to stay calm and steady for the fall buildup.
Lessons learned today:
I was able to push past lactate threshold conciously. I did this experimentally to see how long i could hang. I might have pushed a little too hard, too fast to get there. I lost a little control for the last 400 meters, legs were rubbery, arms going numb. the good thing was that ankle didn't hurt and I recovered really quickly once i slowed.
Set the alarm. I didn't take any nutrition or water this morning, GI tract was acting up. all because i was late.

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